Gordon’s Suspension Far Reaching

Perhaps you heard, Justin Verlander is displeased with the performance enhancing antics of Dee Gordon – and that of others who cheat (presumably, caught and not caught).

Hey, I agree with JV, who’s been accused of using himself, that the PED punishments should be harsher and more deterring.

Likely because of the rigorous testing having been commonplace in minor league baseball dating back to 2001, including four unannounced tests per year, today’s culture of players aren’t so indifferent when it comes their peers cheating the game. When the next CBA is renegotiated this fall, you can expect more unrelenting penalties. Possibly, and hopefully something that contains the words NULL & VOID. As in, if you’re caught, you’re suspended and your remaining contract goes up in a plume of baseball’s smokey, steroid-ridden past. Tony Clark, his players, the owners and lawyers can figure all that out, as I’m sure loop holes will arise even with that costly financial censuring.

Anyway, JV’s ticked. And so too other players likely are. Most of all Marlins like Giancarlo Stanton, Jose Fernandez, their teammates, and their manager Don Mattingly – whom drama seems to seek out and destroy.

What’s been overlooked in the immediate aftermath of Gordon’s 80 game suspension is that a team that should absolutely have Wild Card aspirations – at least – just surrendered their top WAR-ing player from 2015.

It’s STILL early, but Gordon’s strikeouts are up and ground balls (his Flash-like speed make them acceptable) are down. That’s correctable stuff. The Marlins need Gordon, not his replacements.

No matter now, as a team with, when healthy and that’s enormous for these two, Stanton and Fernandez is without their Gold Glove (legit, too) All Star lineup catalyst.

I don’t always need to see explosive, unshackled emotion from my athletes. And calling a teammate out publicly or social media-ly can create more messy locker room politics than you can imagine. But even something cryptic and Lemonade like ‘Disappointed,’ would be a better tweet than the last one from Stanton.

The Marlins postseason and hopes are not completely obliterated, but the road to October just became much more challenging thanks to Gordon’s unscheduled 80 game vacation.


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