Scherzer WILL Go & Maddonizing The Lineup.

Yesterday Danny Knobler of CBS started a mini-sh%t storm by surmising that the Tigers would trade Max Scherzer over the winter. 

Let’s blow through this.

1. If the Tigers don’t win the World Series, Scherzer isn’t going anywhere. 

2. If they win the World Series, then YES, I consider dealing him. You’ve got what you wanted, and two is hard to achieve, so be satisfied, and ship Scherzer off to the NL. As opposed to losing him for a compensatory pick after the 2014 season.

3. Yep. I believe there’s an expiration on Scherzer’s days as Tiger. That timer began to tick when they resigned Sanchez – who thankfully has lived up to the deal, at least in year 1. 

If they gave Scherzer what Boras will demand ($25 million a year), then you’ll have him, Sanchez, and Verlander making roughly $75 million. 

While I’ll be the first to send Miggy off after another 2 years and $44 million dollars, Prince Fielder and his mammoth contract will likely begin to become a burden in the future. After watching Cabrera limp around in September, and the franchise crippling deals the Angels doled out to Pujols and Hamilton, you wanna give Cabrera what he’ll ask for in 2016 and beyond? I don’t.

That 2015 payroll, with the three pitchers and $46 million from the corner sluggers is $121 million, and those are all players moving well into their 30s. You still need 20 other players, which I’m not going to dissect right now. 

What I really wanted to get to here Knobler pointing something some of us thought of back in July. 

For Tigers fans, it would be a painful stab to have Jake Peavy star in the ALCS, while…


He’s at .083 and a .237 OPS. With the Tigers lineup expected to struggle – it’s not going to? – Iglesias’ defense isn’t worth the auto-out in the lineup, especially with the way Austin Jackkkkkkkkkson is swinging now.

Dirks/Kelly in left, Peralta at short. YOU DO NOT WANT PERALTA IN LEFT IN FRONT OF THE MONSTER.

If Leyland wasn’t so darn loyal, and had a litte a Maddon in him, I’d go…

1. Infante 2B

2. Hunter RF

3. Cabrera 3B

4. Fielder 1B

5. Martinez C

6. Peralta SS

7. Castellanos DH

8. Dirks LF

9. Kelly CF

I’m probably taking Jose Alvarez off the roster. What’s the sense of letting him get slammed around Fenway. You could toss our Putkonen too, but at least he could get strike outs. Or I take Dirks off and go…

1. Infante 2B

2. Hunter LF

3. Cabrera DH

4. Fielder 1B

5. Martinez C

6. Peralta SS

7. Castellanos RF (yep, a bit scary. I also think there has to be an ‘injury’ for him to be activated)

8. Kelly CF

9. Santiago 3B. 

Hernan Perez is also inconsequential to me. 


The Red Sox could run the Tigers right out of the series – 6 steals in the LDS (one by Quintin!) – so since the Tigers can’t throw anyone out anyway, give me the offense behind the plate. Avila caught 17% of the runners this year. League average is 26%. He’s also hitting .129 in his postseason appearances, albeit with 4(!) walks against Oakland.

In a series where one team needs 4 wins to move on, a mountain of variables could occur, but to slice it down, if Ellsbury plays like he did against Tampa (1.137 OPS and those steals, trying to that $25 mil AAV), and Jackson continues to struggle – because my lineup IS NOT HAPPENING – the Tigers could be done in quick fashion. 


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