Jax fire sale, Saints sked, USC HC thought, Tigers’ key player.

Fire sale time in Jacksonville? Eugene Monroe to Baltimore (did Miami miss out?), so is MJD next? He should be, and Atlanta, without Steven Jackson, should be asking what the cost is. They should value their draft picks because they’re constantly trying to make that a more dominant defense, but windows close fast. Send a pick off for MJD. Does anyone wanna offer Jax a 2 or 3 or Justin Blackmon?

The Saints look to be like their Super Bowl winning 2009 ways. Especially in New Orleans. They’re not going undefeated with @Chi, @Ne, vs. SF, @Atl and @Sea all coming up, BUT, could the NFC be decided by whether Seattle or New Orleans secures HFA. Both teams are likely unbeatable in their own buildings. In Seattle because of crowd and weather, and in New Orleans because of crowd, and the speed and efficiency the Saints can play at on that turf. 

Sumlin, Kelly, Fitzgerald, Sarkisian and all the other popular names potentially in the running for the USC job. I’ve got an off the grid suggestion, Ron Rivera, whose days may soon be numbered in Carolina. But he’s been around the NFL for almost three decades, won a Super Bowl on the best defense ever in ’85, plus had success as a position coach and DC for really good teams (Phi, Chi, SD), at nearly 52, he’s not too old to be around long enough for a rebuild and he’s as California as Cali gets. He starred at Cal, coached very good defenses of the Charges

Most leadoff men have stats like this, and what he really needs is a hot streak, butAustin Jackson scores more than a run a game in the Tigers wins (79 runs in 77 wins), and less than 1/2 a run in losses (20 in 52 losses). Austin Jackson may be THE key to the Tigers postseason success. 

Aside from my Votto gripe, there’s this about the Reds going down.


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