Helpful, Yet Complicated (Get With It) Stats For Oak vs. Det.


Oakland’s OPS vs. RHPs 5th in the AL at .738

Oakland’s OPS vs. Det. .811 (Boston leads at .902)

Oakland’s OPS @ home .730

Oakland’s stolen bases 74 for 102, 73%. Coco Crisp is the most dangerous runner with 21 SBs, but Oakland has 7 players with at least 5 steals.

Oakland’s 3rd in the AL with 573 BBs.

The Tigers sacrificed just 11 times 32 times, while that Moneyballing Oakland squad, 15 21.Texas lead the AL with 45. Houston led the AL with 46.

The A’s hitters’ (which incorporates defense!) team WAR is 27.6, 3rd in the league. The Tigers were at 26.5, which was 5th. 

The A’s are not a good defensive team, but collectively they aren’t the liability the Tigers would be judged to be. 


Oakland’s team pitching WAR is 16.3 The Tigers lead the AL at 29.3

The Tigers xFIP tops the AL at 3.43. Oakland’s is 12th at 4.05.

Oakland’s BABIP leads the league at .276. The Tigers are second to last at .306.

Re: above, as I love to correlate BABIP to LD%, Oak. led the league with just 19.6%. The Tigers 6th at 20.7%

The A’s bullpen ERA is 3.22, the Tigers is 4.01. Their xFIPs are closer to equal. 

The A’s ERA in 7 games vs. Det is 5.40. 

The Tigers have an .852 OPS vs. Oak. pitching. 

Oakland’s home ERA leads the AL at 3.30. Their home OPS allowed is 2nd at .661.

Oakland allowed 74 home runs at the O. Co, while the Tigers allowed just 65 at Comerica. 

***************best explanation of xFIP from Joe Posnanski here*For those looking for a sabermetric reason to vote for Wainwright, xFIP could be your friend. xFIP can be a little bit tough to explain. FIP, you might know, stands for Fielding Independent Ptiching, and it measures a pitcher based on the three things we KNOW a pitcher can control: Strikeouts, walks and home runs allowed.********************



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