Lions: Heart Wrong, Head Right.

Perhaps it’s my charm or just a cunning persuasiveness, but I have confidence I can talk my way out of anything. 

In language, more accurarely, in dialogue, I give myself timely escape routes.

Watch this. 

My prediction on Friday’s show was Bears 27 Lions 17. Got that wrong.

Howwwwwwwwever, prior to the show, while working out at the gym – where most bright ideas have their genesis for me – this dawned on me and hit me with as much strength as a barball landing on my chest that I decided it made enough sense to have conviction about. 

For the Lions to win Sunday (yesterday, duh), the 2012 Bears were going to have to show up and the 2013 Lions, with a modicum of more discipline and a healthy Reggie Bush, were going to have to be present. 

Well guess what? The less responsible Jay Cutler (the one somewhere in btw his 26 INTs of ’09 and 14 of ’12) was on the field for the Bears yesterday. Three INTs yesterday, to double his total for the season so far. One was a brilliant, veteran read by Louis Delmas (Kreger has never been more right about his impact, it’s Polamalu-ian) to rip a ball away from a receiver, and two more poor throws. One that again found Delmas, and another just hopeless toss up that Glover Quin hauled in. 

More on those 2012 Bears? Lovie Smith lost his job because he could never get that offensive line secured. So annually Jay Cutler, which contributes to turnovers, would get beaten around dozens and dozens of times on drop backs. The Bears offensive line, and you’d think that rookie Kyle Long was some type of demigod through the early weeks, wasn’t awful yesterday. But they weren’t good enough either. Once the Lions started to build their lead the assault was on. Which let me tweet this…

I know, I know, the Bears, last year and many prior to that, are notorious for swipes and scores on defense as well. But as poorly as I think Matthew Stafford played (my expectations are lofty for him), there were no Lion turnovers that shifted momentum enough to where the Lions were going to bury themselves with some string of events equaling, turnover, first down, first down + 15 yard penalty, first down, DPI in the end zone, 1 yard TD score. 

Never happened. 

I’m not as jagged as most Lions fans (deserve to be) but when your QB, who’s having a mediocre day, essentially catches his own fumble in a 3000lb + mass of humanity, you know the football Gods are smiling upon you. 

Cleaning up the tweets (as opposed to cleaning out the notebook)…

– Brandon Pettigrew, 7 targets, 7 receptions, 0 drops, 0 turnovers, lots of good blocks as the man often in motion or offset behind the offensive line.

– Oh my that offensive line of the Lions. Bush’s moves are electricfying, but he’s getting holes that even the turtle paced Tony Scheffler could crawl through. This has to go in bold, but THE BEARS MISSED HENRY MELTON. I would argue, with Melton, the Lions don’t cruise to such an easy victory. They may not win at all. If Melton is in the middle of the Bear defensive live, then Bush would’ve needed to be much more skeletal looking to pick out, then narrowly squeeze through holes. 

– Just three Lion penalties. If Bush remains healthy and the Lions behavior and focus can hover below the 5 penalty mark on a weekly basis, then only other devastating injuries or MASSIVE QB regression would keep this team from the playoffs. 

– About that QB yesterday, and last week too. Games that had be dismayed. Just 6.9 a pass yesterday, and if you noticed the Bears defense did an effective job shutting off Stafford’s first read most of the afternoon. Now it’s positive that Stafford’s scanning the field – not as if he’s going to jet out of the pocket – but he also missed too many passes a 5th year franchise QB should be making. 

Final whistle…

‘Adversity doesn’t build character, it reveals it.’ I like that apocryphal statement. 

I like this one too, from an Irish supporter of the American colonies, Edmund Burke, It is, generally, in the season of prosperity that men discover their real temper, principles, and designs.’

In more contemporary terms, and I know they haven’t been, but the Lions must now act like they’ve been here before. No arrests, no DUIs, no TMZish crap to distract, no expecting calls like they’re Tom Brady next week against the Packers. 

Reggie Bush is a winner. It’s his time now. His leadership and play on the field has been all the Lions had hoped. Now that presence and guidance must be an off field education as well.


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