Will The Jaguars Go Winless?

It’s only been 3 games, but I’d be lying if I hadn’t said after each Jaguar loss, ‘they’re not going to win this year, and they’re going to replace the Lions in infamy. Err, join them.’

While it’s hard to the deny the NFL’s almost annual mantra of ANY GIVEN SUNDAY, the Jags push that maxim to its limits. Let’s be bullish on the Jags and rate their chances for victory during their final 13 games.

Colts – Could the Jags get a victory over an overconfindent Indy team that spent the week hearing how good it is (I was part of that chorus) after Andrew Luck’s signature win? Let down, yes…loss to the Jags, doubtful. If there’s a coach that can and will always motivate his team, I’ll take the courageous Chuck Pagano. Plus, I’ve heard that Indy has placed a sign in their locker room as motivation. It’s a picture of Roger Goodell stating that Cleveland Browns are on the clock with the final pick in the first round of the NFL draft. Chance of winning on a 1-10 scale. 3.

@ Rams – Whether the Rams win or lose against the 49ers Thursday night, they’ll have had over 9 days to prepare for the worst team in football. 5, Same Ole St. Louis. Demarco Murray owns the Rams, but last week was beyond pathetic.

@ Broncos- 1. Why 1? Peyton Manning could abruptly be forced to retire for being too good. Sports Authority Field for some reason could be deemed unplayable and the game is moved to Jacksonville. The Broncos are overlooking the Jaguars so much, they forget to show up to the game.

Chargers – Short week for San Diego after MNF vs. the suddenly physical Colts. Long trip across the country…7.

49ers – 2nd game of a road trip with a bye on the horizon that a beat up Niners team may be yearning for. San Fran MIGHT have lost that battle in Tennessee and be VERY angry. 3


@ Titans – The offseason offensive line additions seem to have worked. Chris Johnson has only a 3.7 yards per carry average, but he’s at 85 yards a game grinding clock. By early November we’ll have figured out whether Jake Locker has broken out, or if the Titans will be seeking a new QB for 2014. Or, Option C, maybe Locker has morphed into Alex Smith. He may win be able to win a game occasionally with his Jake Football skillset, but in reality, Mike Munchak now fully entrusts Locker not to lose games. 2

Cardinals – Every linebacker the Cardinals have rostered has now been placed on IR, BUT Carson Palmer and Rashard Mendenhall have shockingly remained medically cleared and appear alive and well, and that’s all Bruce Arians needs to beat a team his is clearly better than. 3.

@ Texans – I should’ve initially stated that I don’t believe the Jaguars are winning ANY road games in 2013. 2.

@ Browns- If the Browns lose this game, the #badforbridgewater or #collapseforclowney will be blatantly obvious, and Cleveland (sketchy owner activity for $500, Alex) can’t risk drawing the NFL’s attention to that. Win 2 for the Browns. 3

Texans – Hmmmm. Is this the maddening upset that makes the Texans’ minds up on Matt Schaub? If the NFL had a median delineation at QB, Schaub is it. This is CLOSE, especially on a short week, and the Jags knowing this is may be their final legitimate shot for a win in 2013. I’m going 7.

Bills – Or maybe the Jags get blown away by a Houston team who can’t topple a quality team in December, but they’ll be damned if they can’t knock the gradient off the Jags helmets. Jags square up the Bills on a steamy NoFla day…8!

Titans – Chasing playoffs and Coach of the Year votes, Mike Munchak’s Titans take apart a Jaguar team riding momentum, and thinking THREE GAME WIN STREAK TO END 2013. Thus planting doubt with SOME in the organization that Blad Hennert MAY be a viable QB option. 4.

@ Colts – This gets spooky. Having wrapped up the AFC South and their playoff position, Jim Irsay tweets that he had a frightening premonition that Andrew Luck’s left knee is plowed into while clipboarding it on the sideline after coming out of the game after just one series. He forces Pagano to play Luck all game. The Colts win 38-0, with Trent Richardson and Ahmad Bradshaw combining for 60 carries, limiting Luck’s drop backs and potential for injury. So, -1. Jaguars begin selling Bridgewater jerseys at halftime, and Rod Marinelli is the first to purchase.


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