Burle’d Right Into That Median. Now What?

Don’t text and drive, don’t reach down and grab anything while you’re driving either. You could die. Nate Burleson is lucky to walk away from last night’s collision with the median with just a busted arm.

If I were the Browns, and I know most of those players might as well be wearing Marlins jerseys, Josh Gordon and Jordan Cameron are untouchable – barring some team being REALLY desperate and stupid. 

Cameron and Gordon were two of the stars of the Browns win against Minnesota. Gordon’s got so many flags denoted caution he looks like the UN.

First he’s coming off 2 game suspension for violating the NFL’s substance abuse policy.

Next, he’s got quite the checkered college past that forced the Browns to do a ton of research before offering a 2nd round 2013 draft selection for Gordon in the 2012 supplemental draft.

Lastly, and this is redundant, coming off that Sunday performance, I think the price for Gordon will be sky high. I’m betting the Browns will want to recoup that lofty pick they gave up for Gordon, if they want to deal him at all.  

Do the Lions want give up another pick from the 2014 draft, where they’re already down one for the Mike Thomas calamity? Maybe, because Martin Mayhew might be trading away his successor’s assets anyway. 

Let’s says the Lions are willing to deal that pick, or a combination of, or a high pick in 2015. They’re potentially reviving the locker room and behavioral problems they just rid themselves of when they parted ways with Titus Young. Gordon probably isn’t THAT much of an issue, but the Lions need NONE at this time. 

The Lions lone player asset is Mikel Leshoure. Does Cleveland covet him? The Browns just moved on from a much, much better version of what Leshoure is – a punishing, between the tackles back. I’ll bet my ridiculous radio salary the Browns don’t want Leshoure. I’ll make a more responsible wager that they seek a more dynamic Lesean McCoy type back. 

Long story, short. Gordon is too pricey…for many teams for that matter.

After thinking a few more minutes, I came up with Kenny Britt. Yes, troublemaker, who thinks he’s gone after ’13 anyway.

He’s an impending free agent.

Perhaps with large money potentially looming Britt can stay on track for 13 games and go earn himself a wealthy, long term deal elsewhere. Justin Hunter may be taking Britt’s job anyway. If that’s the case, why would the Titans want to keep around a malcontent, who’ll be even more of one due to reduced playing time.

If the Titans are willing to give away Britt, and they may, the Lions should seriously inquire. 

Other options than that: futilely scour NFL practice squads, cumulatively replace Burleson with what’s already on the roster, ie, and I’m serious, Bush at WR, Bell as the RB, and other combinations tapping into the youth of Durham, Broyles (assuming anything ending in CL remains untorn), Fauria, and Riddick. There’s also prayers for Patrick Edwards to 1. come back healthy 2. be something viable as a 2 WR. 

This is a total conjecture, and likely the longest of long shots, but if the Saints ditch Mark Ingram, MAYBE they’d be interested in Leshoure…for one of what always seems to be a glut of receivers for them. 

Steven Jackson is out a while, but I’m not sure they have the reserve to be handing out wide receivers, because Harry Douglas might fit.

The Giants? Rueben Randle or the injury prone Hakeem Nicks? Now I’m just brainstorming and rambling to myself and you. If Le’veon Bell can’t get back, I bet the Steelers would send off Jerricho Cotchery. 

That’s it.

The reality lies with the Eagles’ depth chart. Just below Desean Jackson is Riley Cooper. Yea, they couldn’t find anyone, anywhere to replace Jeremy Maclin. 

The Lions might be just as stuck. 


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