Did You Order Aldon To Play!? You’re Damn Right I Did!

I believe in ethics and having a steady moral compass. I also believe in reality, and the win-at-all-costs zeal of NFL fans. 

There’s some evasive rhetoric from Niners CEO, Jed York, after the game yesterday. I get it though, he’s got to be the diplomat. Even if it’s a poor one. As much as we’d like it, he’s not going to say ‘you’re damn right I ordered Aldon Smith to play!’

The 49ers needed Aldon Smith and his sack machine talents yesterday to avoid falling at home, to the Colts, to tumble to 1-2. 

I guess karma happened. But so did an angry Ahmad Bradshaw, an as always cool Andrew Luck and a defense that hit as hard as San Fran usually does. The Colts were impressive, and I don’t think I overstated myself when I said the Brown’s second first round pick could be the final pick of the first round in May. 

The 49ers receiving corp is essentially depleted, AND totally ineffective without Vernon Davis. I bet they’re also physically recovering from their bludgeoning last week at Seattle.

Ok, ok, enough excuses.

Morally speaking, Aldon Smith’s rehab stint should’ve begun roughly around 10am Friday morning after he sobered up. 

If that were the case, I’m sure more than enough Niner fans would be irate that they lost because of Smith’s absence. Though he and his behavior alone are to be blamed. 

With all my lofty ethics, I can defend the 49ers playing Smith. They needed him. He’s one of the league’s most fearsome defenders. 

By allowing Smith to play the 49ers are essentially stating, ‘it’s ok to continually be a danger to society, as long as you kick ass when the ball’s kicked off.’

That’s accurate right?

Well, look at the 49ers roster. Look at who they just gave the green light to act a fool to.

Frank Gore.

Vernon Davis.

Patrick Willis.

Anquan Boldin.

Colin Kaepernick. Go Dolphins

Justin Smith.

Nnamdi Asomugha. 

Kendall Hunter.

Navorro Bowman. 

Ahmad Brooks.

Donte Whitner.

Stop me when I mention the next wayward soul.

There’s forty some other guys on this football team. None of whom are going to read into the 49ers actions regarding Aldon Smith, and think they can escape punishment for their own reckless doings. Smith is an isolated incident, and we’ll see if rehab can help what up until this point appears to be a very lost young man.

This is as veteran a team as any in the NFL. In fact, the only place a temper and behavior could get out of hand – at least on the field – is from the volatile and fiery head coach. 

I’m alright with the Niners playing Smith. 

I’m even more alright that I didn’t pick them to go back to the Super Bowl. TOO much has to align for one trip to the NFL’s premiere game, let alone for it to happen in back to back seasons. The problems are piling up just three weeks into the season for the Niners. 


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