If you’re looking to retire early, and buy a Carribbean island, bet in grandiose ways and without fear on Thursday nights on the UNDER. The games are so awfully sloppy last night’s 50.5 was never in doubt, unless some wackiness happened in the game’s final seconds.
The appalling numbers to support your eyes last night. KC + Phi…

10 sacks

15 penalties

5 turnovers

9 for 28 on third downs

1 for 7 in the red zone

There’ll be weeks you lose, but bet the under without hesistation and prepare a quirky name for your island paradise. Teams are just so barely ready to play on Thursday nights. Also take into account who they’ve played the previous Sunday. For instance, if a team is brutishly bashed around by a physical 49er or Seahawks team, there’s no doubt that team won’t be able to be where it needs to be physically just a few days later.

Last year’s 2-14 Chiefs team is quite a marvel. It’s the most talented 2 win team I’ve ever seen, and it’ll likely maintain that distinction, or ‘honor’, a long, long time. Yes, Romeo Crennel and Matt Cassel were that porous a duo to lead a team that had…

Dwayne Bowe. Brandon Albert. Jamaal Charles.

Eric Berry. Justin Houston (he wasn’t just good last night, 10 sacks in ’12), Derrick Johnson, Brandon Flowers, Tamba Hali.

And even though he was neutralized (statistically) last night, Dontari Poe is blossoming into an Atkins, Suh froce. Read here for that.

The Chiefs at 3-0 is not surprising. Though after watching Wilson, RG3, Kap, Vick, and even luck, witnessing Alex Smith’s departures from the pocket is like slowing your TV down to 39,000 frames per second – and he’s a worthy athlete at QB. He’s just not the others, or who else is coming into the league. Andy and Smith’s 7 yard passing attack won’t do much come playoff time.

Lastly, Shady McCoy is not on this preseason NFL odds list. His 2011 was special, but Chip Kelly has made him nearly unstoppable. I remain with my thought from 2011, he’s as shifty as Barry Sanders was.

Now, Kelly has to realize he needs to get other players involved. I thought Kelly would make up for a lack of talent (missing Maclin is turning out to be as problematic as we thought, maybe worse) by incessantly incorporating unique personnel and formations. Haven’t seen it since Washington.

Rookie TE Zach Ertz played just 23% of the plays, and the exciting young Bryce Brown just 21%. The thought-to-be versatile James Casey has been largely invisible as an Eagle.
3 tight end sets. Brown and McCoy together. Kelly is supposed to have more imagination than roster talent at this point. He needs to utilize it until the personnel is further upgraded.

If Michael Vick isn’t more accurate (he’s at 56% now), the Eagles will never achieve the tempo that can punish and drain opposing defenses.

We all remember this…

That’s why it’s causing mild cerebral confusion (a huh, what!?) to see Vick get run down by defenders in the open field. He’s 33, so it’s not unexpected, but when you’re watching Vick knife through a defense, get a lead, you just expect overdrive. Yet he’s caught.


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