Is Suh A Football Psychopath?

Ndamukong Suh plays football in a rage. 

It evoked the thought of Bruce Banner to me! Banner is brilliant and dashing, yet occasionally meek to rein in the monster, but when stressed, well…we don’t like him when he’s angry.

Once Suh he hits the field, and yes, sometimes in his personal life there are questionable judgments, he wreaks havoc. Often uncontrollably. 

There’s been many interpretations of comic history’s greatest, greenest destructive menace, but I think the one Hulk we’re most familiar with is the one of few words, mindless rage, reckless carnage and little remorse (unless Betty Ross is around).  

Hmmmm, could I use some of those descriptions of the Green Goliath and apply them to Suh? I think so. I’ve said things on the radio before along the lines that Suh seems to ‘lose his mind’ at times on the field. It was not hyperbole. I haven’t received much disagreement. How else can one explain the many acts that negatively showcase his career thus far?

Gamma rays certainly aren’t the cause behind Suh’s rage, so then what could it be? 

Maybe learning under Bo Pelini was Suh’s gamma radiation accident. Watch below and read this. That’s some fire. (I can offer Pelini SOME latitude because when he said fans, maybe he these abhorrent types that Ray Rice tweeted about Sunday.)

So few know Suh all that well. We can only form our opinions by what’s reported. The latest report comes from Fox’s Jay Glazer that Suh has been kind of a bully, to his own teammates, in practice. 

Schwartz denied the report, though a team source does corroborate Glazer’s assertion. 

Suh has also had some traffic incidents that can be attributed to aggression. Herehere, and here – though he was exonerated because the police couldn’t determine who was at fault. But, still, this is A LOT of vehicle woes. 

And just last week, Suh confronted a Comcast repairman, in his yard working on the neighbor’s cable, with a pellet gun. I can assure you Mr. Suh, if there are criminals in the affluent city of Birmingham, they are not on a pole, and likely not dressed in Comcast threads. Is this paranoia? I say that in jest, but maybe…

And of course, his on field punishments and fines

Conversely, Suh, with an engineering degree from Nebraska, is bright, charming, and community minded as well. Here and here. Remember those adjectives defining Suh as we move on. 

We obviously can’t do this exercise face to face, but the PCL-R HAS been conducted via file information in the past. We shall do that with what I’ve listed above. 

Oh, what is the PCL-R? It’s the Psychopathy Checklist, Revised. Yes, we’re going to try to determine is Suh is any degree of psychopath, even if it’s just on the field. 0 is ‘does not apply’ 1 is ‘applies somewhat’ 2 is ‘fully applies.’

Remember, we are filtering most of this as Suh the football player, but it’s hard to totally disregard some of his off field doings. (Thanks to John Kreger for his experience to aid the grading.)

Factor 1: Interpersonal/Affective

Factor 2: Lifestyle/Antisocial

  • Need for stimulation/proneness to boredom 0
  • Parasitic lifestyle 0
  • Poor behavioral control 2
  • Lack of realistic long-term goals 0
  • Impulsiveness 2
  • Irresponsibility 2
  • Juvenile delinquency N/A
  • Early behavior problems N/A
  • Revocation of conditional release N/A
  • Criminal versatility N/A

Traits not correlated with either factor

  • Promiscuous sexual behavior 0
  • Many short-term (marital) relationships 0
  • Acquired behavioral sociopathy/sociological conditioning (Item 21: a newly identified trait i.e., a person relying on sociological strategies and tricks to deceive)
What conclusions can we draw from the PCL-R? I don’t think Suh’s going to commit any heinous crimes against society, but on the football field, hasn’t he already? Yes. And my behavioral analysis is supported by more than enough 2’s above to convince me that Suh has some psychopathic tendencies on the field. The Lions don’t seem to be discouraging it, so perhaps at some point Suh will wind up inflicting this kind of irreparable damage to the Lions season.

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