Easily Adrian.

Without looking up any stats – though I will in a moment to the sake of thoroughness – there’s an ample list of potential NFL MVP’s.

Stop me if a name causes you to raise an eye brow.

Peyton. Brady. Ryan (meh). Von Miller. JJ (S)Watt. RG3. Aldon Smith. Rodgers. Russell Wilson…uh, oh beginning to reach. **I glanced at stats, the only player I passed over when shooting from the hip was Megatron**

I know I’m omitting one name, but since he’s the guts of this post we’ll come back to him.

I came up with nearly ten candidates for the NFL’s MVP of the 2012. I think even a modest fan can make a very good argument for each of the stars I listed. 

I’ve got this blog. I don’t have an intelligent, sabr-friendly site like FootballOutsiders or a scout savvy site such as ProFootallFocus, and I surely don’t have the access of some of the game’s finest scribes. With all that said, I wouldn’t hesitate to label myself a veritable avid and informed observer (remember, I’m too objective to be a ‘fan’) of the game. As much as anyone you’ll probably watch the sport with. For the last five years, every fall and early winter, my Sundays have been wall to wall football from 12 to 12. That doesn’t even include all the storylines that attract me during the week. Friendly conversations, dozens of articles from all degrees of league enthusiasts, and scanning the talk radio dial. Forgive me for brandishing my resume in your face.

I just wanted to remind you of my intense fervor I have for the NFL.

I can’t remember a season such as this where there have been so many extremely viable candidates for arguably the league’s most prestigous individual honor.

The MVP debate, in almost any sport, any year, usually becomes contentious at one point or another. Often it’s among just a couple of candidates though. In football it’s typically a QB or two, and maybe another player having an astonishing season.

The questionable players listed above are who, Ryan and Wilson? Calvin Johnson has ZERO shot at winning the award but that’s his team’s fault, not his. Calvin along with him may be the game’s best players. If Ryan’s Falcons finish 14-2 (@Det, vs. TB), his case deserves to be heard. Russell Wilson can almost have a Heisman type of moment if he can lead the Seahawks over the 49ers this Sunday, and then snatch the West away in Week 17; Possibly leading Seattle to an 11-5 record. Would Matt Flynn have done that? Not likely, or he would’ve seen the field long before mop up time the last two weeks, after Wilson engineered two of the most dominate team performances of the season.

As for the rest of that list, their stories tell themselves. In fact, with a few, they can submit career resumes and we can all say “oh, you did THAT again?”

Like I said, I left one name off my initial list. If you’re thinking I was dimissing Adrian Peterson, you’re quite wrong.

He’s the irrefutable MVP of the 2012 NFL season. It’s really an elementary argument as to why Peterson should be distinguished.

Peterson may or may not break Eric Dickerson’s single season rushing of 2,105 yards. In the season’s final two weeks, Peterson will face a stout Texan defense aiming to secure HFA in the AFC, and then Green Bay who’ll likely be fighting for a bye in the NFC. If Peterson’s to break the record, he’ll certainly have earned it. Though if he meets his average of 129 yards/game the next wo weeks, he’ll still fall roughly 35 yards short of Dickerson, but possible ahead of Jamal Lewis for second most yards in a season of all time. Quite an accomplishment for a guy, you probably heard (or looked it up!), who had his knee eviscerated about a year ago. Then again, as early as late summer, I’d said AD was bionic, so I had little doubt he’d be back and successful. To this level? I’m somewhat stunned. But I suppose if you’re going to call someone BIONIC, it’s probably best not to put restrictions on your expectations for them.

Oh, that elementary reason why AD is the MVP! Everyone else on that list has had help. For the quarterbacks, it’s usually a running game, a stellar wide out or a defense. I’ll spare you further details, because the point is made and this is supposed to be about Peterson.

I mean really, can you even name another Minnesota Viking? Sure you can! Christian Ponder. He of a substandard 78 quarterback rating. Ponder’s backup, Joe Webb, must be pretty lousy if he can’t get the mistake prone Ponder (top pick or not) off the field. I know we’re getting to the point where ELITE is becoming its own cliche, but whatever the antonym of elite is, well, that’s Ponder.

Hey wait, the Vikings have one of the most dynamic all purpose players in the game, Percy Harvin. You’re right. Except for that fact Harvin has only played in nine games this year, and hasn’t seen the field since the beginning of November.

You’re probably racking your brain trying to combat my argument for AD by thinking of the Vikings second best receiver. I guess that would be red zone friendly TE Kyle Rudolph and his 8 TDs out of 48 catches. Scan the Vikings stats yourself. Underwhelming is a kind adjective to describe the talent around Peterson. If Minneapolis was an island in one of those ten thousand lakes the state has (is that accurate, did someone count?) Peterson would be in complete isolation. Let’s just call AD The Bionic Omega Man. You kids look that up.

For good measure the Vikings defense is no better than mediocre. So not much help there for AD.

Vikings opponents know all Minnesota has is Peterson and he’s simply been, not unstoppable, but downright omnipotent. Coming off a horrific knee injury just adds a layer of awe to Peterson’s miraculous season.

A season that may slot him as the NFL’s all time leading rusher for a season. But also a season that should crown him MVP, regardless if it’s a .500 one team-wise, and pad his stats to potentially becoming the G(RB)OAT. Or least put him in that discourse with Barry, Emmitt and Sweetness.





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