The Fear Of Chip Kelly.

This is a Facebook comment from a good friend of mine in Philly who, with everyone else there is just languishing in the final days of Andy Reid.

Play calling is absolutely atrocious. People are worried about Chip Kelly coming, but meanwhile we are running a poor excuse for a college gimmick offense the last 3 years. (My italics)

Gaggghhhhhh. Worried about Chip Kelly coming? You’re 3-7 and have unfixable quarterback issues. There should be no such thing as worry.

The troublesome part of that comment to me is that I bet that sentiment isn’t autonomous to Philly.

Those mostly irrational fears of Chip Kelly coming, like he’s doing the End of Days work of the Mayans, is probably present in ohhhhh Kansas City, Cleveland, San Diego, Carolina and a handful of other NFL locations where there could be a job posting on the team site for HEAD COACH.

When Chip Kelly gets to the NFL he may very well epically fail.

But, for one reason or another, Ron Rivera is failing, Pat Shurmur is failing, Norv Turner defines fail, Romeo Crennel is completing his SECOND fail. None came to their current jobs from college.

The NFL is loaded with fail, so why not get experimental?

All I’m saying is, be open mind when it comes to thinking about Chip Kelly as an NFL head coach. This might be hard to believe, but he’s not bringing Marcus Mariota with him to quarterback his team. Kelly will have real, live actual NFL players to coach! Stunner. Candor again, Kelly is best set up for success almost the same way any other HC can be a part of winning formula, he’ll need to have a GM making keen personnel decisions and I suggest a veteran coordinator to coach the defense.

Handing the keys to the franchise to Chip Kelly, or anyone not named Belichick, is the recipe for armageddon. Andy Reid obtained too much decision making power, and his misfiring influence on personnel decisions is exactly what’s going to lead to his demise in Philadelphia.

Why do people get so skittish and fearful of Chip Kelly coaching their NFL team anyway? His offense? Well, it’s not uncommon at all to see college type plays in the NFL these days. Isn’t that where the bubble/WR screen, and many other creative plays came from? The tempo of his offense? New England utilized an Oregon type tempo year, the Ravens did as well. Eli Manning found his groove a few years ago when they sped the offense up for him. Is it Kelly’s progressive minded aggressiveness that scares NFL fan bases? Please, I think few actually know that of Kelly anyway, and besides, advanced data proves his decision making is usually correct anyway.

I won’t even use the Harbaugh, Schiano argument FOR Chip Kelly because those two have had some NFL pedigree in them.

Tom Coughlin was a college coach at one point. He had near immediate success with Jacksonville as an expansion franchise.

You can point to Nick Saban. But if I recall my feelings at the time, I got the idea he was never really committed to the NFL.

There’s Bobby Petrino also, who truly is an offensive whiz. But he’s also…well, he lacks character. A top tier quality necessary to be an NFL head coach.

Honestly, I think the first thing that comes to mind when you use Chip Kelly & NFL & Head Coach in the same sentence, people think….


That was a calamity, wasn’t it?

Everything I’ve read is that Kelly is not just some imaginative and experimental guy, he’s got the required intelligence to coach the pros. Can he lead men getting paid? His interviewer can determine that.

I trust he would choose the correct players to run a team how he saw fit best for success in the NFL. Or at least delegate that control.

In other words, I have belief that he wouldn’t be putting his job in the hands of former Oregon quarterbacks (Hey Chip, it’s Dennis and Darron, can we try out for you!? PLEASE?).

Just as Spurrier did in 2002. With Shane Matthews. And Danny Wuerffel. And just for fun Patrick Ramsey. Those were Spurrier’s three QBs for that season’s 7-9 team.

OK, year under the belt, Spurrier’s got the hang of this, they decide mostly on Ramsey (who was their #1 pick in ’02) with some Tim Hasselbeck mixed in annnnnnnnd they’re worse. 5-11. Gee, was it maybe because Spurrier AGAIN went with one his guys for their first pick in the 2003, Florida WR Taylor Jacobs? (10 picks later Florida State’s Anquan Boldin was selected. Oops) In his rookie, where I’m sure he was expected to contribute, Jacobs did. Three catches. Thirty seven for his career.

Spurrier was doomed likely from bad decisions birthed from loyalty to and familiarity with college players not suited for the NFL.

The Spurrier era might not have been so ill fated if someone had taken decision making out of his hands. Coaches should coach. General managers should generally manage.

You know who could’ve created a more optimal management structure in Washington? The owner. Dan Snyder. And while Spurrier just wasn’t NFL head coaching material, Dan Snyder didn’t do him any favors.

The same Dan Snyder, who could have the label as the worst/most meddlesome owner in the NFL, if not for “I was watching him on tape” GM Jerry. If someone’s going to keep RGIII from greatness, it’s not the Giants, it’s Dan Snyder.

The next time you think Chip Kelly and NFL head coach, and Spurrier pops into your brain, remember the numbers 3 and 13. That’s not a record, though close. It’s the amount of winning years and seasons Snyder has owned the team. This will likely make it 3 and 14. You can also think of the number 6. As in the amount of head coaches Snyder has employed.

Lousy owner. Lousy coach. Lousy team. That’s usually that case.

You can’t expect Kelly to arrive in the NFL and turn the league on its head. But if he can limit his ego, ask for help and be surrounded by the right people in the organization, he, will, win. Then again, so would many other coaches in that structure. Though would those coaches go for it on 4th and 4 from their own 41 in the second quarter, and know they could get the first down, and ultimately the points?

Last thing, Kelly will obviously need a QB. Teams with coaching openings usually need that. I’m curious by what a duo of EJ Manuel, whose stock I think will rise approaching April, and Chip Kelly could create.


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