Right Then. Right Now.

Earlier this week the Tigers picked up the 6 million dollar 2013 option on Jhonny Peralta. Again, how unfortunate. The Tigers missed an opportunity to improve their team in a variety of ways.

Now, maybe I’m drunk off chamomile from the tea leaves I’ve been reading, but I think the Rangers are still dangling Elvis Andrus, or at least gauging interest.

My proposed deal back in the summer was Victor Martinez and James McCann as the meat of the package for the Tigers to acquire Andrus (others could be involved), thus giving them a defensive upgrade at SS, and as competent a #2 hitter as you’re going to find.

As long as I don’t get too jaded about every piece of information about a teams’ hot stove intentions, then from what I’ve read so far, my proposal – while no lock – is extremely sound and rational. 

This is a lot ‘good job Eric!’ but please allow me to submit evidence before the court.

Assumption…the Rangers have an infinitesimal amount of interest in resigning Josh Hamilton.

Assumption…the Rangers DO NOT want a deal for Andrus built around just a prospect(s). They’ve got a small youth movement ready to begin around Mike Olt and Jurickson Profar. So, no more MLB ready prospects are necessary. Good luck winning 90 games, and in October overcoming the growing pains of a lineup where a third of it is rookies, prime as they may be.

So what are their needs as they modify the core of the team that lost back to back World Series, and then got beat by the crafty Joe Saunders and the Orioles in the one game wild card?

Let’s go to the Internet!

Again, cynicism aside that David Ortiz is just using the Rangers as leverage, RANGERS INTERESTED IN ORTIZ. A very veteran DH. All too similar to Victor Martinez.

Next. From Jay Jaffe at SI.com, the Rangers needs Targets: Starting pitching and catching. As for backstops, if Napoli departs, the Rangers still have Geovany Soto, but he hit just .198/.270/.343 in 361 PA split between the Cubs and Rangers. Unlike a few years ago, the team has no ready catching prospect, so a dip into the free agent market, where options such as Russell Martin and A.J. Pierzynski are available, may be the route they take.

McCann isn’t ready to start right now, but it isn’t so far fetched to think the Rangers would bring someone in as Jaffe suggests for the short term, and then McCann is the go-to guy in the near future.

I thought Martinez, who’s bat could be replaced via free agency, and McCann were a fair start to the Tigers potential pursuit of Elvis Andrus. As I sift through the smoke of baseball’s early hot stove recipes, I think I’m more right than I was in the summer.

Shame they picked up Peralta’s option.


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