Lions NOtes (emphasis on the ‘NO’ as in No Good).

Two thoughts I earnestly had before the Colts final two drives, while considering topics/angles to discuss on Monday’s show:
Win this, finish strong, perhaps heroically claw to 8-8, or with that schedule 7-9, annnnnnnnd I’ll take “Things To Build On for $500 Alex!”
Then before the Colts final scoring drive, this would show some chutzpah (Thanks Mom) to deny Luck Off. ROY points.
But then…
Other randoms:
Titus is the inescapable eye sore of an ugly sweater. It’s always in the closet, but you can never use it. Broyles got hurt (and as I write this at 12/2 5:09pm it feels like another wasted draft pick), Robiskie was inactive, Mike Thomas was active, but invisible and Scheffler was dazed from a clean helmet to helmet at one point. You couldn’t depend on it being Titus, but it would’ve been nice to have an extra receiver around with the litany injuries.
The Lions are 3-7 in one score games. You could claim ‘oh, they’re so close!’ You’d be fooling yourself though. They’re only THAT close because of 81 and 9 week after week. H/T to 90 for a second consecutive disruptive game.
The Colts are 5-0 in games decided by 4 or less. Make it 5-0 if we include OT wins. I hope voters consider that, and any growth to that stat, when it’s time to decide Luck or RG3 for ROY. It’ll be close. A basic tale of the tape. RG3 has the stats. Luck doesn’t. Luck has the magical wins. Colts will be in the playoffs. The ‘Skins could be too. Both defenses stink like a sewer. The receiving options as a whole are unimpressive on both sides. RG3 has a running game with Alfred Morris. The Colts have…
The Lions defensive line ate the Colts line up all day. They hammered Luck over and over. He sucked most of the day. Bad decisions, misfires. Looking like the rookie of all rookies. But he’s 3 years from being the best QB in the game. Final two scoring drives for the Colts, 18 plays 153 yards in just 2 minutes 30 seconds. Perhaps he and Bruce Arians cunningly planned to tire out the Lions line all day! Right. Brady and Manning has rolled off the tongue for a decade. You should sharpen up on saying Luck and RG3.
The officials missed at least 3 calls I can remember, sorry no specifics, on the Colts. They didn’t miss Nick Fairley’s horse collar.
Utter brilliance by Luck to throw into the end zone on one of the games final plays, rather than test his luck (zing!) by charging for the end zone. If he falls short, game over. Like for Georgia Saturday night, and for the Saints before halftime Thursday night.
Same ol’ Lions: Of course Nick Harris’ worst punt of the year came at the most unfortunate time.
If the Tigers are truly looking for a speedy extra outfielder who snares everything, Stefan Logan fair catches with the best of them.
I’m a ‘question the execution, not the play call’ kinda guy, but throwing on 3rd and 5 did seem like something to serious consider. Take away the Bell 67 yarder, and the Lions ran for 29 times for 71 yards on the day. 2.5 per carry.
I don’t have much faith in the Lions ownership to send the entire coaching staff packing if they don’t manage another win this season, but you can’t tell me more than half the organizations in the league wouldn’t sack their staff for regressing from 10 wins to 4 or 5 in less than 12 months.

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