Champion-Chip Philosophies? Maybe.

If I had a favorite NFL team (Bountygate did turn me off a bit) and that team was in need of a new head coach, I’d be in complete advocacy of hiring Chip Kelly. 
Teams that could need a new HC in 2013…
Vikings (Yep, a 6 win season after that start could cost Frazier)
Seahawks (This may be a stretch. Carroll’s got magic dust on his employers)
Jets (Unlikely, but…)
Jaguars (Blow it all up like Twitter)
If I were an owner and my executives DIDN’T hire Chip Kelly – I find his outside-the-box philosophies fascinating – and he went on to succeed elsewhere forcing us to find a Kelly disciple or an imitation, then that would be more of a firable offense than hiring Kelly and having the radical move totally backfire.
Make sense?
Till now, I’ve thought Kelly becoming an NFL HC in ’13 was a lousy idea. I’ve sided with those who believe it’s difficult, if not impossible, for a college coach with little or no pro experience to jump directly into a HC role without first perfecting his craft as a position coach or coordinator.
This past week I rethought things. As mentioned aboved, I don’t want to be the guy who DIDN’T get Kelly as he potentially revolutionizes strategy and game management at the pro level. Secondly, see above again. You see all those potential openings? There may be a billionaire on billionaire tug of war for Kelly’s services. While offensive coordinator or offensive consultant might be the proper first step into the NFL for Kelly, it’s hard to think a lucrative HC position won’t be offered to him this offseason.
Also, with the proliferation of successful spread offenses in the college game these days, many of those players are already coming into the league with a spread background anyway. Many of the QBs are ready, and so are the pass catchers.
Two easy to scenarios to envision.
Andy Reid is finally ushered out of Philly and Kelly is hired. There’s a large financial decision looming with Michael Vick, but really the Eagles biggest offensive issue this year has been not having left tackle Jason Peters.
Vick stays, perhaps with a financial restructing, and he’s Kelly’s pupil. A recalibrated Vick with Jackson, Maclin, Celek, and McCoy. That has to be enticing for both Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie AND Chip Kelly.
Scenario 2. Sean Payton DOES exit New Orleans. I truly don’t believe he goes anywhere though. There are few places Payton could land and coach a QB like the one he has now, and those teams probably don’t have vacancies. But Payton could try to leverage more money from Saints owner Tom Benson.
Nonetheless, for the same of a decent blog argument, Payton departs. Whoa is Drew. New Orleans screams coward or traitor at Payton.
That’s already an uptempo high powered offense with speed to burn. Kelly-likey very much, right?!
One more verrrrrrry intriguing potential destination to expound on. San Diego. No meteorological oddities (rain, snow, sleet, etc…) to slow the hyperspeed attack for at least 9 games (8 home, 1 in Oakland). The chance to Refurbish a QB who’s been on the cusp of the league’s top five passers for years. And it’s the West Coast. I think the open mindedness of that part of the country would welcome Kelly’s principles. Oh, and anything’s better than Norv. An-y-thing.
Before we proceed, I do acknowledge that Chip Kelly can’t be a head coach like Buddy Ryan was for the Eagles 25 years ago. Buddy coached the defense and was lucky enough to have Randall Cunningham, whom Buddy just let free lance. I think he told Randall to make him three or four plays a game. Really. Ryan essentially punted on coaching offense. Kind’ve like it seems his son is doing in New York these days.
If Kelly comes to the NFL, I’d suggest he employ a Wade Phillips, ex-NFL head coach type to run his defense. I use Phillips as the example because it’s pretty clear now he wasn’t head coaching material (or maybe Jerry Jones just isn’t owner material, he’s surely not GM material), but he’s a savant as a defensive thinker and schemer. Kelly would need a lieutenant like that independently running the defense.
Before we conclude, let me state that I think even Kelly has to know he can’t run his offense in the NFL the way he does at Oregon. Not all game anyway. Running a play every 20 seconds or so is something that can probably be done in spurts, as New England employs from time to time (successfully!), but for 16 violent games, in all sorts of weather, possibly with insufficient personnel matched against defensive coordinators who will exhaustively prepare to stop you? Nope. Can’t do Oregon in the NFL.
What Kelly CAN do, even with personnel that isn’t as blessed as what he has now at Oregon, is to screw up the math up the NFL. What? Similar to what The Big Lead suggested about using Tebow.
Yep, Chip Kelly can upset the conservative apple cart that dictates NFL head coaching strategies.
NFL HC’s are wussies. They’re afraid to be what would deemed as ultra-aggressive because they’re petrified of jeopardizing their job security, if they have any to begin with.
However, the math (and trust me owners, businessmen, lavishly successful entrepreneurs LOVE metrics and data, it’s how most got absurdly rich) says Chip Kelly is the one doing it the right way. I’m not going to WAR you to death, but this article will explain more.
Billy Beane and maybe Joe Maddon are likely the two names you first think of when it comes to advanced statistics and analytical decision making in sports. And you hate it. I’ve got news for you though, regardless of what you do, similar analytics and metrics are being used in and around you all day long. They govern your life. You probably just don’t recognize it. Because of the rapid growth and ease of access to information thanks to technology, and some super intelligent people, we’re removing ourselves from the time of “I’ve got this brilliant idea” and someone believing in you, to those decision makers needing more of, “I’ve got this brilliant idea and here’s the data to prove why it can’t go wrong!”
Living strictly by the numbers? In my opinion, bad idea. Meshing numbers and instinct to create vision. Good idea!
Three years ago Belichick somewhat famously and curiously went for it on 4th down against the Colts on Sunday night. The Patriots did not convert, and they lost. Belichick’s instinct, his feeling, was right. Or so says the math. And if there’s one coach who’s always ahead of the other 31 – this is the guy who’s had Kelly around – and one that’s wired like a ruthless, coldblooded computer anyway, it’s Belichick. I’ll admit his level of job security insulates his attitude and strategems.
Chip Kelly’s profound ideas could epically fail in the NFL.
But if I were the owner I’d take that risk, because I’d rather have the Kelly that’s the real mccoy who’s altered how NFL games are played, than have to search for a cheap imitation of the original.
At the very least, with Kelly running things, there’ll be a lot less agony for the fan that loathes seeing the punter come on for 4th and inches.


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