Calming The Piston Panic.

The Pistons are oh for the season so far, at 0-7.
They’ve played one really complete game so far, and that was against Oklahoma City. That was a spirited effort. Unfortunately, the Pistons best player wouldn’t start for the Thunder.
The rest if their contests have been near disasters in one form or another. Even Monday’s return home will be rough. Coming off the road, for a third game in four nights, against the West champs, again. Cruel.
Even though I proclaimed that this team would top Vegas’ projection of 31.5 wins – and I’m still confident in that thought – one glance at the schedule before the season started had me realizing this was going to be another tumultuous start to a Piston’s season.
With Prince, Maxiell and Stuckey in the starting lineup – for now – the first five aren’t super young. But with youth and inexperience like Singler, Drummond, and English getting genuine minutes in the nightly rotation, to expect this team to have competed better and even won with this harsh schedule was foolish.
Opening night, Harden wanted to show his mettle, and he went wild. Few in the league were going to stop his torrent of scoring. Then out West Detroit went for all sorts of fun. Don’t blame the NBA for the Pistons unrelenting schedule right off the bat. Direct your anger at the Palace who literally brough the circus to town last week.
Maybe later in the season with further cohesiveness, the Pistons could’ve secured victories at Sacramento and at Phoenix, non-playoff teams in the West, but the Lakers, turmoil or not, the Nuggets, Thunder and Rockets are all Western Conference playoff contenders. All of different degrees, obviously (or maybe not). The Pistons were going to return to the Palace battered and bloodied, but with a great number of teaching points for Lawrence Frank.
I don’t view wins as paramount in this ’12-’13 campaign, however, a two win November would be quite demoralizing to the long term growth of this unit.
Some of the goals are obvious moving forward for Coach Frank. Continue to bring Drummond along – who in limited minutes has arguably been their most consistent contributor. As well as finding the appropriate role for Singler, and discovering if Kim English can turn into a shooter off the bench.
Statistically speaking the Pistons need to vastly improve in all major categories. Their defense is 5th worst in the league (103 ppg), their offense is 7th worst (91 ppg) created by their dismal shooting percentage (42), even from Monroe, who’s at an inexcusable 44%.The Pistons are also dead last in the league in rebounding.
No defense. Wayward offense. Can’t get missed shot. Besides that Mrs. Lincoln…
If you’re patient, I think you’ll see most of those abhorrent statistics are easily correctable once Drummond solidifies himself with 25 plus minutes per game. I’m so impressed with the lottery pick right now, that with proper playing time (earning because he’s not fouling! No games with 3+ fouls) he’ll exceed my expectations of 8 points, 4 boards and a block per night for the season.


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