2012. Swept Away.

The Tigers did not win the World Series.

They were as inept offensively as the Yankees were in the ALCS, and largely because of that, the Giants defied 18/1 odds and swept the Tigers.

It’s disappointing that the Tigers went down as feebly as they did. Alter your perspective a bit and see that it could’ve been much more saddening. I think this four game onslaught of fundamentals by San Francisco would’ve been far more painful had the Tigers won the most games in MLB, instead of being the team in the playoffs withe fewest amount of regular season wins. That’s a hey, we were playing with house money(!) line of bullshit though. Ask Nats and Rangers fans how they feel at this moment. Or at least how they felt when all their regular season success was eviscerated by the fickle combination of talent, hot hands, randomness and the usually discriminatory good fortune of October baseball.

This grief you’re feeling will pass. I assure you.

Perhaps the basic remedy for your sadness is a little warmth from the flames of the Tigers hot stove. In fact, I’m ready to fire it up right now! And there’s no shortage of questions that need answering.

Will Leyland be back? We should know within days. If by the end of the week, Leyland’s a former Tiger manager, then who’s next?

Will they really pick up Peralta’s option? (Noooooo!)

Have Delmon Young, Jose Valverde and Brennan Boesch played their final games as Tigers?

Sure they want to keep Sanchez, but at what (likely exorbitant) price?

Will things get acrimonious with their arbitration eligible players?

Where do Garcia and Castellanos stand for 2013? (Castellanos has been a strikeout machine in the AFL) 

Which player will fans pressure Tigers management to chase after? (HAMILTON, that’s you, not me)

From this tweet. Did Phil Coke’s Billy Wagner impression make him the front runner for ’13 closer duties?


Rondon, Hunter, Ludwick, Maicer Izturis, Davey Martinez, Vizquel (to manage), this guy to replace Dotel (and hit the Tampa well again), Swisher, Laird, Worth, Victor (dangle him), Madson, Soria (wants to stay in KC), Broxton (prob wants to close), Pagan, Melky (cheap!), Soriano (risky!).

Those are names that should be exciting to follow everytime there’s a blog, article, tweet, text, phone call, or any other form of communication, that connects them to the Tigers future roster.

If there’s one super silver-y lining from losing the World Series, it’s that the flaws to fix are usually right in front of you.

Less than a day after the Tigers fourth World Series loss to the Giants, can you crack a smile and recognize that ‘fixing’ this should be pretty darn fun over the next five months leading up to down to Lakeland.

Stove’s on. You bring the food. Let’s cook.


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